About Us


ACT is an educational consultancy and training organization with main office in Virginia and partner office in Dubai.

The CEO and key founder is Dr. Mamdouh N. Mohamed, a former professor at Johns Hopkins University, Washington who has done a huge number of school inspections and school leadership and teacher trainings in the region and overseas. He is a co-founder of 7 educational organizations across the globe and has done quality Assurance work in USA and the Arabian Gulf  region.

With experience of 33 years as teachers-trainers, we conducted a huge number of specialized workshops for teachers  in the IB, British, American, Indian and local government curricula in UAE, Indonesia, USA, New Zealand and Australia.


  • Help teachers, students and leaders work together as true and equal partners to cater for the needs of students in schools.
  • Enhance the skills of the teachers and school leaders by providing workshops on the most successful strategies.
  • Provide on-going consultations to meet the rising needs of the schools.
  • Review and develop curricula for international organizations.
  • Evaluate schools from A to Z to diagnose specific areas for develop.
  • Provide practical solutions for areas that need development.


The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you and its ongoing, it never stop.

Jane Smith, Midland, TX



We identify the most effective aspects of each client and work with them to be self-sufficient in their own analysis

We provide training customized to individual needs and work in very close partnership with clients so as to build sustainability and improved performance

We use a combination of elements drawn from a variety of methods. Our friendly approach quickly breakdown barriers and builds a strong relationship

All of our Associates are highly qualified and experienced.