Our Trainers

Dr. Mamdouh N. Mohamed

Master Trainer

Leading a team for a few months to implement Quality Assurance procedures on the teaching of Arabic and Islamic Education at private schools in Dubai,

For the last three years, Dr. Mamdouh led a team of inspectors developing standards for Islamic Education for Primary and Secondary schools.

As a Senior Bilingual Inspector, Mr. Mohamed  conducted more than fifty inspections of public and private schools across in Dubai in the last four years, and led a few of these inspections. Furthermore, he conducted quite a good number of preliminary visits and follow through visits in these schools.

He was one of the team members who produced the DSIB Framework and the annual reports both in Arabic and English. During school inspection visits,

As a Master Trainer at “The American Center for Training and Services”, Dr. Mamdouh conducted a good number of training workshops for teachers in many States and several across the globe including India, Brazil, New Zealand, Indonesia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Australia.

He has also worked on a range of school improvement activities in Indonesia, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

Dr. Mamdouh is a professional member of:

  • American Society of Training and Development (ASTD)
  • The Independent Book Publishing Association (PMA)
  • American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
  • American Association of Teachers of Arabic (AATA)

Experience and skills:

Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB)

Since January 2012.

Quality Assurance officer for inspection of private schools Dubai.


Senior Bilingual Inspector (in public and private schools, from KG to Secondary Schools) in Dubai and Hatta.


Director of  the American Center for Training and Services


Head of Arabic Program at Johns Hopkins University, DC

School Improvement

Providing detailed tips and feedback for HoDs and GMTs of how to improve their schools and areas for development

Working as a provider of support a few (Islamic Schools) in the Washington.

Co-established the standards and descriptors of levels at the Institute of Islamic and Arabic Studies in USA

Responsible for the educational development of Arabic Institute in Jakarta,

Monitoring the progress of staff in the Arabic Program at Johns Hopkins University, in the DC.

Project Manager of an educational software project for children “Mission Survival” at Winners Technologies, USA.

Implementing Quality assurance procedures on inspections of government and private schools in Dubai, UAE.

Training school teachers and university staff to prepare them as qualified trainers of Arabic and Islamic subjects.